Moximail is a full-featured and secure Cloud suite for managing business emails and calendars.

Control your customers’ emails easily from one customizable White Label dashboard.

All-in-One Email Solution

Mailboxes up to 100GB

Large Mailboxes up to 100GB of messages.

Access to all services

Access emails via standard POP, IMAP, SMTP and Webmail protocols for complete compatibility.

Powerful Email Security

All email accounts have strong protection from a top-notch Email Security solution. You can customize it if necessary.

Automatic back up

Backup is part of the service, and you can use it to get back messages if you accidentally delete them.


Protect your domain's reputation and make sure your messages get delivered successfully. You can set up a unique DKIM signature for each domain.

It's like having the best of both worlds: the flexibility of your own mail server, plus the ease and strength of the cloud.

Panel: Managing company emails is simple and immediate

The MoxiMail Control Panel gives you the power to handle your users’ and customers’ emails just like you would with your own mail server, but without the hassle of maintaining one.

White Label: Give more value to your brand

Whether you’re a company or a reseller, we understand the importance of maintaining your identity. With MoxiMail, you can personalize the Webmail and Control Panel by adding your company logo.

Webmail: Read and Write messages professionally

Our special Webmail is user-friendly and visually appealing.

You can handle your company emails, contacts, and calendars from anywhere, and sync them with your smartphone using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync.

With Zoom integration, you can schedule video meetings right from your calendar, with the ease of inviting external participants.

MoxiMail Advantages


Don't worry about the hassles of running your own mail server anymore

White Label

Personalize the Control Panel and Webmail with your company’s logo and name.


Let your team or customers take charge of email management.

Pay per use

No fixed fees or time commitment. Pay monthly only for active accounts.