Check email traffic logs as it happens in real-time.

With Tracemail, you can check email traffic logs in real-time right from your Control Panel. This helps you respond faster and more accurately to user assistance requests.

How Tracemail works

Tracemail collects real-time email traffic data from all our servers (like POP, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, and MX). We process and organize this data to make it easy to check through the Control Panel and API, and it’s super speedy.

We use this info to create Metrics that you can access via the API. These Metrics are handy for building Dashboards and useful business analyses for your customers.

Tracemail is here to give our customers a tool they can use on their own to get important info they need to support their customers. And rest assured, we take user privacy seriously.

Access Analysis

The Access section lets you keep an eye on when users log in and out of services like POP, IMAP, and Webmail. These logins are categorized as ‘Successful’ or ‘Failed.’

When users log out of POP and IMAP, we also record how much data they used and how many messages they deleted during their session. This is really helpful for spotting any unusual email deletions.

For unsuccessful logins, we note the reason (like wrong password, disabled user, unauthorized IP, invalid OTP) so we can help users fix any issues with accessing their email.

Outgoing Messages Analysis

Looking at outgoing messages lets you see if the emails users sent have reached the recipient’s server yet or if they’re still waiting.

You can dig into the details to see what the other server said. This helps you figure out and fix any email delivery issues quickly. It’s also handy for answering user questions fast.

Why doesn’t the email I sent arrive?

How many times have your customers asked, ‘Why didn’t my email go through?’ And your old provider just said, ‘Everything’s fine on our end,’ leaving you stuck?

Well, now, with Tracemail, you can answer these questions yourself and give your customers the right answer without waiting for someone else.