About Us

Our Mission

Make everyday email communication and management simple, fast and secure, thanks to efficient and easy-to-use tools.

Keeping things up to date

Because emails are still the main means of communication in the workplace, they’re increasingly under attack by cyber criminals. 

This is the task we have set ourselves at MoxiMail: simplify effective and flexible communication for companies, while eliminating the cost and risks associated with proprietary mail servers and ensuring secure communication.

Who We are

Moximail is part of Moxitek Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, Australia. Moxitek was founded in 2014 and provides Web Design & development, Graphic design, and SEO services to Digital Marketing agencies. In addition, Moxitek has several marketing SAAS (Software As a Service) software that it has developed. Moxitek also provides hosting services to clients. For more info about Moxitek, please visit moxitek.com